Transform Trading Workflow


Extensibility. Flexibility. Simplicity.  Unigy delivers it all.

A single, integrated platform for trading communications that delivers unrivaled connectivity within your business community.  Drive more deals and improve revenue reliability by integrating applications that are critical to the trading communications vehicles you rely on.  Unigy offers you a competitive advantage today that will give you the flexibility to stay ahead of the game tomorrow.


Blue Wave Application Development Platform

Now do Apps your way.


A revolutionary, open standards-based environment that lets you generate custom apps to streamline your trading workflow. Create the applications you want, when you want them, with multiple options for developing them. In addition to the set of applications developed by Unigy, customers and third party developers also have the option to quickly create and utilize applications specifically designed for their business. Whether you need to comply with emerging regulatory requirements, extend internal business processes, or simply improve customer service, with Unigy applications, you can do it all.